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We are creators THAT produce Holy Spirit-led work through a relationship with the Creator as an act of worship.

Here, we speak our true identity in Christ. We learn and encourage each other to create. We learn how to walk in-steps with the Holy Spirit in our creative process.

You believe in God but it seems like what you love to do is a bit different from what most Christians and most churches have been doing. You might feel like believing in God is holding you back from being fully creative. You might be looking for something more or wondering if there is something more in creativity beyond what you already know.

Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

God first introduced Himself as a creator. His creation is complex and beautiful beyond our comprehension. He is the Creator of all things and you’re created in His image. You inherit a trace of creativity from the Creator, you’re filled with creativity.

Are you worshiping God with your given creativity or you’ve buried it? It doesn’t matter what you did or didn’t do, what matters is what you are going to do next.

You are created to worship Him with your creativity, to expand His kingdom on earth, to express the fruit of the Spirit to the world, to fulfill your calling, and to change the world!

Be encouraged and be free to create.
We hope to see you soon!


If your heart is moved,