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19200 and 19000 Terra Place, Edmond OK

Located in the heart of Edmond, OK is a 16+ acre property that has been abandoned for several years. Edmondites know and remember well the stately Governor's Mansion near the former home of Garth Brooks' family off Danforth and Western.

Terra Place is destined to become the HOME of Beautiful Restoration and a place dedicated full-time to the restoration of hurting humanity; where other groups can meet for the same common purpose of becoming restored to all they were created to be; and to be an established loving, compassionate and healing community to youth, children, men, families, single moms, struggling marriages, in fact, any area of brokenness.



for Terra Place

■ Providing home furnishings to families being reunified; recovering from homelessness; and women transitioning out of treatment and prison program.

■ Moms or dads having campouts with boys and girls in need around the pond and woods

■ Building a safe home and a temporary housing shelter in the midst of other family homes all around

■ Having programs every day of the week, in addition to Thursday, to minister to the whole family

■ A free car repair shop for single moms run by volunteers

■ A training center where other groups can intern and take the pattern back to their towns and states

■ A free clinic and counseling department for those who attend

■ A department of creative arts and entrepreneurship, teaching and training people in many design disciplines, performing arts, and entrepreneurship

■ Teaching practical skills of cooking, including gourmet chef training, and cultivating an organic garden

■ Partnering with other ministries to provide help for PTSD and alcohol and drug abuse

■ A wedding and event venue in the barn on the property, giving a source of revenue to single moms and families in need to supplement their income by staffing these events




We need


After an impassioned plea to the developers to not tear down the mansion, Beautiful Restoration was given the opportunity to purchase this 16-acre tract. What seemed an impossible task for this working class group is becoming a reality and plans are exploding.


If your heart is moved,


For sizable donation please contact Beautiful Restoration directly through this Contact form.


Beautiful Restoration is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization that operates according to the biblical truth about believers' identity in Christ and seeking the Holy Spirit guidance. Going deeper in relationship with God through sharing testimonies, teaching, and doing is our ultimate goal. We’re raising funds to save and restore the historic Edmond governor’s mansion to give back to the community by providing a safe place for homeless and survivors of domestic and sexual violence, teaching practical skills and training people for employment in multidiscipline areas, and partnering with community stakeholders to develop programs and outreach.